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This week Sam's Book Club shares great ideas from the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Business Books Nominee Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek.

Leadership August 26, 2020

Great leadership is not easy to attain but identifying different leadership styles will help you discover existing skills and the type of leader you can become. People depend on their leaders, so it’s vital to understand the roles, principles and values of great leadership. 

This week Sam’s Book Club shares great ideas from the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Business Books Nominee Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. This book should inspire digital evangelism missionaries to hone better leadership skills, according to Pastor Sam Neves, Associate Director of Communications at the Global Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as he highlights some qualities required to be a great leader. 

Knowing Your Leadership Style

Did you know that hormones such as dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, cortisol and oxytocin can help to determine different types of leader? When leaders set out to achieve a goal, their behavior is directly affected by an increase in dopamine. Endorphins help to determine what is worth struggling for. Oxytocin deadens pain and brings euphoria. Cortisol is activated by stress. 

The best leadership hormone for digital evangelism leaders is arguably oxytocin. The team member who feels valued and socially connected to their leader is motivated to tackle difficult tasks and shares the joy of success. This is how Jesus’ disciples must have felt, enjoying a close relationship with Him. 

Qualities of a Manager or a Leader?

‘No one gets excited about being managed; people are excited about being led’ Pastor Sam emphasizes. It is essential to treat your team members as valued assets, regarding them with consideration and not ignoring their feelings. 

This leadership versus management dilemma occurs within the setting of a digital evangelism team. Motivation will result when the leader trusts the team and gives them a voice. 

We are on the lookout for what it takes to become a great leader. Digital evangelism leaders should emulate the greatest leader, Jesus Christ. A great leader shows empathy with the team members’ needs by putting their welfare first. Such leaders aren’t just born– they are products of varying circumstances who have learned to understand the philosophy of good leadership. A team that is well regarded by their leader will, in turn, look after each other and the business. 

The Skills of a Leader – as the Protector

Not all leaders are well regarded. In Pastor Sam’s view, team members may appear to honor their leader but total allegiance requires belief in a leader who is willing to stake their reputation in order to defend the team. 

Just as a male lion must prove it can defend the pride, a great leader will defend the team against threats like rejection, isolation and punishment for errors, writes Sinek. Pastor Sam discusses the best way for leaders to handle these threats to benefit all parties and for digital evangelism to succeed. 

Experiences of a Great Leader

The book describes various leadership scenarios and Pastor Sam tells of how his digital evangelism journey began, of a manager who took the entire blame for his failures and who is worth emulating. Such experiences contributed towards Pastor Sam’s continuous leadership education. The greatest leader of all is Jesus, our Savior, who sacrificed everything to save His people.

Digital Evangelism Leadership Tips

Pastor Sam explains how the Adventist Church is endeavoring to reach as many people as possible– but it’s not the numbers that are significant; what matters is ‘humanization’. When we engage in digital evangelism the statistics only matter if we can connect with the real people behind the numbers. This digital initiative aims to connect with people through technology and to stay connected.  And there’s nothing virtual about that!


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    Praise the Lord.
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    Thank you.
    May God bless you!

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