GAiN 2020

#GAiN20: I WILL GO - Exploring our Digital Future

November 30 – December 3, 2020

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Over the past few months, the world has changed more than we could have ever believed. Congregations don’t meet, colporteurs don’t pass out books door-to-door and no one is putting up tents for evangelistic series or camp-meetings (except maybe in New Zealand 😀).

So how can we reach a world in desperate need of the hope that only a relationship with Jesus can bring? It is vital we, Seventh-day Adventist Christians, prioritize the digital world. Our projects and initiatives can no longer rely solely on person-to-person contact. We must be where people are.

How can we communicate in a space where people are bombarded every day with messages and ads? How can we reach those who are hurting? How can we maintain connections online, when connection is what people are most starving for?

During the 2020 GAiN Online, we will hear from people who are succeeding in the digital space to find out how they are making their ministry successful. We will talk to experts, working every day in digital ministries, to find out best practices and tips. And, we will come together to hear about projects within the Adventist Church to find new ways to unite so we can share Christ with the world.

The new strategic focus of the global Adventist Church, Reach the World: I Will Go, gives communicators an exciting opportunity to use our creativity to start new projects that communicate our message of freedom, healing and hope in Jesus—all within the digital space. We pray this GAiN will create a spark inside of you so when God inspires you, you will answer “I Will Go.”

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All the content for #GAiN20: I WILL GO – Exploring our Digital Future will be available in 4 languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese


Typically, if you want to attend GAiN, the cost has been $145.00 registration, plus the hotel, airfare and meals. This year, with GAiN going online, we are able to offer special pricing of only $15.00 per registration! And if you sign-up early, there are significant discounts available:

  • Wave 1: 750 tickets per language released in August. Price per ticket: FREE
  • Wave 2: 750 tickets per language released in September. Price per ticket: $5.00
  • Wave 3: 750 tickets per language released in October. Price per ticket: $10.00
  • Wave 4: 750 tickets per language released in November. Price per ticket: $15.00

NOTE: Once the allocated tickets for each wave runs out, the price per ticket will automatically jump to the price of the next wave.

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